“StoryDrive is a unique and important offering that organizations need.
What it’s able to provide in terms of its reach and message is priceless.”
— Chris Collinson, Connect Meetings

We bring a turn-key experience that gives your attendees the opportunity to:

  1. take a “time out” from the hustle of life and busy agendas

  2. reflect back on their story, and what God has done in their

  3. share from the heart on video for others to be encouraged and inspired

This gives you an easy way before, during, and long after the event to:

  1. engage at a deeper level with your attendees, and your attendees with each other

  2. create compelling, authentic, and powerful video memories for your social media and communications

We are looking for a few organizations and events to bring a “StoryDrive” experience to in 2020 and 2021.

Call (252) 220-4680 or email us at events@storydrive.com to learn more.