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Become a member of The Circle of Courage

Our Circle of Courage members give faithfully each month, joining us to:

  • Empower followers of Christ to know and share their stories

  • Provide the opportunity for pastors and ministry leaders to experience the ministry by sharing their own story.

  • Harvest stories in partnership with local churches, schools and ministries

  • Share those stories using technology, the internet and social media

  • Provide apprenticeships and mentoring for the next generation

  • Get the hope of Christ to the world through the power of story!

Through your generous and faithful monthly giving, we can continue and expand the ministry.

While monthly partnerships are by far the best way to help us be stable, healthy and fruitful, we know some people prefer to make a one time or special gift.   Either way, we are grateful for your partnership!

Questions or interested in other ways of giving?
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