StoryDrive Academy

A peek inside the academy from the perspective of a high school teacher.

Every believer has a story worth telling that someone needs to hear. The problem is assembling the talent and skill to harvest the stories.  Even the most well-resourced and biggest churches are leaving 99% of their members' stories untold and unleashed.  Ironically, every church, every school, and every community has young students with creative gifts and talents for worship who are left out.

The StoryDrive Academy helps disciple, coach and mentor young people who have a heart for worship, and a willingness to serve in their school, local church, and in the community. 

We provide hands on training in all aspects producing videos and harvesting compelling stories in an authentic way.

The StoryDrive Academy is initially being offered to select young men and women ages 16 and up.  Our workshops and clinics are open to people of all ages.

In addition to the StoryDrive Academy, we will be offering workshops, clinics, demonstration days, and a summer camp experience in the summer of 2018.

The 3:15 Project is partnering with local businesses, churches, and schools to launch The StoryDrive Academy in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as starting conversations in other cities across America.  We are actively looking for sponsors, church and school partners, as well as generous financial supporters to help make this program as impactful and sustainable for God's glory.

Want to be a part of the story?  Let us know!

We have opportunities for anyone and everyone to help StoryDrive go and grow.
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