We are Partnering with the Marketplace Leaders to Harvest and Share Stories.

Technology entreprenuer and lay leader Rusty Gordon speaks to business leaders about The 3:15 Project and bringing a StoryDrive to your city or church.

The 3:15 Project is looking to partner with leaders from the marketplace who want to make an immediate and sustainable Kingdom impact.

We are looking for Ignitors.

Ignitors help fund some or all of the costs to bring a StoryDrive church, city, school, or a place of business. 

We are looking for Ambassadors.   

Ambassadors are men and women who go through the process themselves, as well as invite and encourage their tribe to either share their story, or help others share theirs.

We are looking for Philanthropists.

Helping move someone from "no way" to "when I can share my story" takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and resources.  Yet, we believe it yields one of the highest returns on Kingdom dollars in helping Christ followers in the marketplace share their stories of God's love, and lead their churches down the road towards sustainable story harvesting.

We are looking for Marketplace Ministry Partners.

You've already got the tribe and no doubt incredible discipleship is taking place.  By partnering with The 3:15 Project, we can bring this capability and competency to your tribe either as a public partner, or as a white label service provider.  If you love the idea of having a growing number of impact stories told and shared, we would love to help make that happen.

We are looking for Corporate Sponsors.

If you'd like your business or corporation to stand up and say "we support and help fuel more people knowing and sharing stories of God's love with excellence and reverence", becoming a city or national corporate sponsor of the ministry may be just for you.

Call us at (252) 220-4680 for more information and to get involved