Pastor, we'd like to offer you a priceless gift...


You are invited to experience what other pastors have called a watershed moment in their walk, and a transformational journey. 

In about the same time it takes to play a round of golf, or prepare for a sermon, you can go through a process that is healing, sanctifying, restorative, empowering, and most of all worshipful.  In a busy world, we are offering you a chance to slow down, abide, and with God, reflect on and rediscover the the love that He has for you.

It's not just sharing a 5 minute testimony, in fact, that's the fruit of the journey leading up to it.  We call the journey "Steps of Courage".

If you are in the Atlanta area and are willing to take the first step, register and use gift code "pastor".  It would be a blessing and an honor to walk with you and pray for you, every step of the way.