Help us bring StoryDrive to Arkansas!

For the last five years, The 3:15 Project has been partnering with churches and community ministries to harvest and share stories in God's love, through our StoryDrive program.

A StoryDrive is like a blood drive except we come together and harvest people's stories!  Stories of God's love.

We've been invited to come to Arkansas to work with and serve along side church and ministry leaders.  We need your help to make the vision a reality.

Watch a few of the videos on this page and if you'd be willing to help, fill out the form below, and share this page with others!

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We're partnering with schools and churches to offer students the opportunity to learn and serve in the area of video production and storytelling.

StoryDrive provides men and women the opportunity to go deeper in their faith.

StoryDrive unleashes stories of God’s love so God can use them whenever and however He wants.

Rusty shares the power of StoryDrive from his perspective as someone who has served the local church for more than 30 years.

A huge thank you to Todd Sadowski for granting us permission to share his work in the photo at the top of this page.
Click here to learn more about Todd and his photography.