In partnership with The 3:15 Project, leaders are coming together to nominate and film the stories of 24 Christ-led, role model fathers in Atlanta.  

The initial stories will be filmed in February of 2016. 

The finished stories will be made available to any and all organizations and churches that wish to use them to give hope to their youth.

We will be offering videography training and service opportunities to youth and adults in partnership with the Y.M.C.A. at the Carver Center, as well as participating church partners within the community.

Our hope is this will be the first of many 24 Fathers events.

For it to happen we all have to get off the bench and do what we can with what we've got.

Nominate a man and help fund the project using the buttons to the right.

If you have questions or would like to learn how you or your organization can partner with us, please fill out our contact form.