Father Riccardo on the Power of Your Story

Father John Riccardo is the pastor at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, Michigan.  He has been an amazing encouragement in helping us both understand, and be a part of the New Evangelization within the Catholic church.  We are eager to walk with him and so many other amazing people in the Detroit area. 

If you'd like to help bring The 3:15 Project back to Detroit, or anywhere for that matter, we'd love to hear from you!

Bill Miller's Story & Song

After All You Have Done, written by Garrett Miller, sung by Bill Miller

I first met Bill Miller at a Starbucks in Nashville, TN through my friend and coach George Landolt. Bill is a grammy award winning musician and perhaps the most successful American Indian musician in the folk/rock genre.  I didn't meet the musician Bill Miller that morning over coffee, I met the broken man, son, and father Bill Miller, and I'm so thankful I did.  We hit it off right away and agreed that one day I would setup and capture his story and testimony.  That was almost two years ago.  Over those two years, I'd visit Nashville 6 more times, searching for churches to partner with, calling on businessmen to help fund filming dates, to no avail.

As God would have it, this past July I was in Nashville helping NAMB film some interviews.  I happened to have a few hours at the end of a 14 hour filming day so I prayed a little prayer something to the effect of "Hey Daddy, if it's ok with you, let's steward this evening since we are already setup.  Could you bring me someone to serve?".  Bill Miller popped into my heart, I texted him and asked him if he could come downtown on short notice.  He did, and brought along his friends John and Connor for support.  Over the course of about 90 minutes we prayed, filmed, shared stories, and enjoyed each other's company.  It was some of the most worshipful time, and another example of how God does amazing things when we just do what we can, with what we have, right where we are.

In addition to sharing his story, I asked Bill if he'd play whatever came on his heart just to see what might happen.  We captured this song entitled, After All You Have Done, written by his son Garrett who was tragically killed earlier this year.

I am so thankful to the people that support our ministry and the work we are doing.  We want to be ready to serve with excellence, whenever and wherever God calls us.  If you would like to join me in creating more opportunities like this to serve people in Atlanta and where ever God leads us, you can make a huge difference by becoming a monthly patron of our work.

Bill Miller's Story

A Pastor's Heartfelt "Thank You" To His Flock

One of the things we've learned along our journey is the undeniable power and potential of simply having a video camera setup, ready to film, and someone willing to love and serve whoever sits in the chair, through the leading of the Spirit.

We recently had the honor of interviewing several pastors, planters and missionaries at the NAMB Send '15 Conference in Nashville.

After interviewing one pastor as we were about to wrap, a small quiet voice prompted me to ask "Pastor Ken, you don't get the chance to get on video all that much do you?" To which he replied, "no I don't".  Then the voice asked me to invite Pastor Ken to thank his flock on camera.  
The rest of the story is in the video below.  

If you'd like to help partner with us to serve more pastors and flocks in your community, we'd love to hear from you.