Ways We Serve

The 3:15 Project's collaborative and cooperative structure lets us serve a wide variety of partners in a growing number of ways.  

Everyday as we uncover problems and challenges our partners face, we are committed to thoughtfully exploring how we can help be part of the solution.  

Video Production Services

We can often use our gifts, talents, and resources that already exist in one of our communities to help capture impact stories for individuals and groups in both a church/ministry setting, as well as a business or secular setting.  These projects help produce revenue for the ministry as well as create teaching and vocational opportunities for the youth and adults we are mentoring.

Here are a few recent examples of our work:

We produced this interview for Alpha USA, while visiting Detroit, MI.

A little vision video we did in partnership with the 24Fathers.com initiative that is taking root.

We really go the extra mile to make each person being filmed have a remarkable experience. We asked Father John Riccardo to share what it was like being filmed by our team.

This was produced for Alpha USA over a couple of days in Detroit, MI.  

This is an example of us using our standard black background mobile environment to capture a worship song.

Story Drive

Think of a Story Drive pretty much like a mix between a blood drive and an intimate spiritual retreat.  We setup for 2 or more days in partnership with one or more churches, ministries, or schools, and give people an opportunity to come share their story in a worship filled and reverent environment.

Atlanta technology entrepreneur and a lay leader at Roswell United Methodist Church shares his take on the potential power of Story Drive.